GaaP – Government as a Platform

In the Harvard white paper on Digital Government Transformation Richard Pope provides a working definition of ‘GaaP’ – Government as a Platform.

“GaaP should reorganize the work of government around a network of shared APIs and components, open-standards and canonical datasets, so that civil servants, businesses, and others can deliver radically better services to the public more safely, efficiently, and accountably.”

He explores the topic through a summary round up of how this approach has been pioneered and adopted in countries like India, Estonia and the UK.

Our white paper builds on this, providing detailed blueprint analysis of GaaP implementations across the world, including:

  • How the UK’s GDS is Harnessing the Platform Revolution.
  • Estonia’s X-Road – Middleware for a Digital Nation.
  • The USA’s – Cloud Native Platform as a Service.
  • The Canadian DXP – API Digital Exchange Platform.

Download: 15 page PDF

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