Digital Nation

A Digital Nation strategy represents the most expansive scope of what a Digital Government transformation strategy can address.

This goes far beyond the simple digitization of online services and transactional efficiency, encompassing multiple dimensions such as:

A holistic, society-wide capability, where all public services are interconnected via a common digital platform and single system. The exemplar case study is E-Estonia and their X-Road platform, documented in detail in this blueprint.

Digital strategies that establish direct links to economic benefits. For example Dundee set a high level vision for their digital roadmap that headlines a focus on their game development industry, identifying and building on what their particular local strengths and growth opportunities are.

Further economic opportunities presented by the field of ‘GovTech‘, commercial startups specializing in providing government solutions. The public sector can play a catalyst role in incubating and accelerating these types of ventures and fostering economic growth.

This is especially powerful where it intersects with ‘Public Purpose Tech‘, technology that addresses big public needs, and the public policies, organisations, cultures, investments and business models around it.

‘Digital Democracy, which starts at basic digitization of the online voting methods for our current governance models, through to the profound transformation of how democracy works.

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