Library provides an ELearning Knowledge Base for Digital Government Transformation.

This Library provides the overall structure for a best practice repository featuring blogs, wiki pages, elearning courses and forums.

Expert Agenda

The Expert Agenda defines the overall editorial agenda for the site, guiding the type of guest post articles we are seeking and that are integrated into our knowledge base and ebooks.

Digital Democracy

The ultimate future of Digital Government innovations, an entire transformation of democracy, featuring key developments such as the Blockchain.

  • Case study documentation of cutting edge innovators, such as Australia’s Flux Party and Democracy Earth.
  • Vendor reviews of Blockchain voting platforms.

Government as a Platform

How Governments can adopt the business models and technology patterns of the leading Platform organizations like Uber and Airbnb.

  • E-Estonia Case Study – A detailed architecture review of E-Estonia and how they have achieved the most digitally connected nation on earth via their ‘X-Road’ platform.
  • API Platforms – How Government’s can learn about the best approaches to enabling API access to systems from industries like Open Banking.
  • Identity for Digital Government – Analysis of Government identity programs such as the UK’s Verify service, and how this is available as a common, reusable service.

Enterprise Transformation

Defining the entire scope of enterprise-wide modernization needed to deliver truly transformed digital services, incorporating:

  • Agile Digital – Synthesizing Agile Development practices with an overall Digital Transformation capability framework, defined through Business Architecture practices.
  • Maturity Model Driven Transformation – Quantifying an organization’s current digital maturity and from that planning a transformation roadmap.
  • Integrated Case Management Architecture – Designing cross-enterprise collaborative workflows for uniting multiple organizations into a single service delivery unit.
  • Enterprise Capability Innovations – How cutting edge innovations like Low Code development, AI and chatbots can be integrated into the IT estate.

GovCloud Migration and Application Modernization

Best practices for migrating and transforming legacy applications from elderly platforms to new Cloud environments.

Case Study Best Practices

Throughout all the agenda sections the best article content is detailed case study reviews, that document how other agencies have tackled a particular challenge, ideally in the form of a repeatable recipe, such as including links to available open source code and how to documentation.