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Learning from Heart FM – How Radical Digital Thinking Can Preserve Our Public Services

Webinar replay of Mark Thompson sharing cutting edge insights on how the public sector might adopt a 'Platform' strategy.

Presenting on ‘Learning from Heart FM – How Radical Digital Thinking Can Preserve Our Public Services‘, Mark explores what the public sector might learn from commercial sector digital business models notably a ‘Platform’ approach.

For our Government as a Platform series Professor Mark Thompson joined our webinar summit to share a big picture analysis of the Government as a Platform trend, exploring what the public sector might learn from commercial pioneers like Heart FM.


  • From 1m:25s to 12m:55s Mark provides an introduction and sets the scene for the significant challenges public sector IT faces.
  • From 12m:55s to 17m:15s he explains the core concepts of Government as a Platform, through referencing the radio network Heart FM and the latest research defining the topic.
  • From 17m:15s to 31m:20s Mark explores how these practices are being applied in the UK and Scotland.
  • From 31m:20s the session concludes with some Q&A from the audience.


For a sense of his expertise on the topic, check out his wealth of contributions to Computer Weekly.

Mark is one of the world’s foremost experts on transforming the public sector through Internet-centric architecture that learns from the successes of the commercial sector, headlined under a theme of ‘Government as a Platform’.

In previous articles he asks ‘What is Government as a Platform and How Can We Achieve it?’ where he examines the key principles and how they might be implemented. In another he explores the distinction with Platforms for Government, one being still the traditional ‘cathedral’ mode of organizing government, versus the truly disruptive approach of ‘bazaar’ marketplaces.

Setting the scene for his upcoming talk his article Real Digital Modernization – A once-in-a-generation opportunity for the new UK government explores how the public sector might emulate the approach of business leaders like Heart FM, transforming public sector services through a Cloud technology-enabled platform architecture, ultimately achieving a scenario where:

“Government benefits from platform economics. This includes huge economies of scale, crowdsourcing from an ecosystem of innovation/investment attracted by consolidated demand and data, and significant infrastructural benefits for UK economy.”

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