IEG4: Solutions for LGaaP - Local Government as a Platform

IEG4 offer a solution set for ‘LGaaP’ – Local Government as a Platform. Their ‘Council in a Box’ is this set of localized templates, for UK Local Government.

They offer a Low Code development environment, their eDesigner allows non-IT staff to develop and deploy electronic forms and service requests from citizens, with no coding necessary. The same staff can set up workflows to deal with these service requests, allocate workloads and provide functions and facilities to interact with citizens.

Ecosystem Apps

‘Ecosystem Apps’ refers to the integration of each new service with a broader set of other applications relevant to the local context. Becoming part of and improving a local ecosystem is a key architecture for GaaP, and so the goal is Low Code apps that can advance that goal.

eDesigner offers over 250 form templates for Local Government requirements, so there is a degree of customization already baked in, but more importantly is live interactions with other systems so that key two-way data updates are made.

A great example is their Blue Badge module, an application workflow developed to implement that specific UK Local Government requirement, a disable parking certificate, and accordingly ties in with their relevant central systems such as Gov.UK Pay integration. Vendor Profile: @IEG4. IEG4 offer a solution set for ‘LGaaP’ – Local Government as a Platform. Click to Tweet
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Cheshire East, England SK9 7QD, United Kingdom
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