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Digital Vaccination Passports

digitalgov September 23, 2021

MIT asks if you will have to carry this on your phone, where it might function like an actual passport, being shown as you arrive at airports, and could also act like a work authorization at your job, or a pass to get into restaurants, bars, and shopping malls.

Highlighting the type of issues that need addressed such as a booming black market in fake test results that is diminishing trust in printed records and driving demand for cheat-proof digital documents, they define the medical and technology challenges and nature of this opportunity:

“There are a lot of players in the field, including IBMthe Commons Project, and the Covid Credentials Initiative.

They’re coming at the problem from different angles but are ultimately chasing the same goal: let people share required information about their health, while protecting other private information. Yet it’s still too early to rely on any of these for a fast and widespread solution.”

Many governments, as well as airlines and other businesses are trialing or in talks to build “health pass” apps, which let users ask participating labs and health systems to send authenticated test results and other data straight to the app, bypassing verification concerns.

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