Designing Accessible Government Services

Standards, best practices and tools for building truly accessible digital services.

digitalgov · July 30, 2021

This case study from Defra on Designing a More Accessible Flood Map, provides a compact summary of the design process and technologies of Accessible digital services.

“there are many users who are unnecessarily excluded from using interactive maps. For example, users with Parkinson’s or arthritis can find it difficult to use a mouse and often prefer to use a keyboard. Interactive maps however, typically rely on mouse or touch interfaces.

Our challenge is to make essential geographic information accessible to all and to make interactive maps work for as many as possible.”

The DWP has created an Accessibility Manual, to provide guidance and best practice for building accessible services and meeting the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations 2018. This is a comprehensive guide, covering topics like Screen Reader Testing, Designing Screens and How To Do Accessibility Testing.

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