18 October, 2019

Agile DevOps and Procurement for Government

Agile DevOps

In a Linkedin blog David Callner begins to explore how DevOps might be adopted in the public sector, noting how RFPs increasingly now feature a call for the use of Agile rather than Waterfall methods.

In particular he describes how RFPs act to collate large volumes of user requirements, a process which can take months, followed by months of supplier engagement to bid the RFP and then further months for contracts and implementation, stretching out over years beginning to end and unsurprisingly resulting in large failure rates.

In short it’s a process of trying to consume a large elephant and so instead the better approach is to break up the challenge into ‘bite size chunks’. David also describes how in some scenarios they instead work more collaboratively with agencies, to capture requirements into Agile Product Backlogs and organize these into Epic work streams, that can be worked on continuously from beginning through end.

The PaaS approach compliments and accelerates this approach by baking the procurement into the technology, empowering developers to self-serve their own requirements, and critically, employ the use of pre-developed templates and module integrations. The future of enterprise business systems is no longer buying one monolith app from a single vendor, but instead composing together modular solutions that span across internal legacy apps as well as across the XaaS spectrum.


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