Simple Tools, Expert Content

The primary goal of our E-Learning system is to provide Tutors with simple and powerful tools, that make the creation of great content easier and quicker.

The Expert Dashboard enables you to create the structure: Courses, made up of Lessons and Topics, and also Quizes and Assessments.

Then within that content you have further tools to create more sophisticated learning content, such as:

  • Highlight Boxes and Icons
  • Code Snippets

Highlight Boxes and Icons

Highlight Boxes
Easily add some visual impact and emphasize key learning points through options like coloured highlight boxes and fun action icons.

You can insert elements like this through using the ‘Shortcodes’ option, found within your content editor:

Click this button and you’ll access a wizard where you can select from multiple style objects, from highlight boxes through

Cited Quotations. is an amazing community for learning Low Code

Code Snippets

If you are sharing lines of software code for teaching purposes, it’s helpful to display it in a suitable format.

For example, you can add this code inside the block in your editor:

And it will appear like this on your live site: