Open Sourcing Best Practices

The purpose of our site is an open source knowledge base for Digital Government best practices.

Experts‘ can easily co-edit the library, adding new materials and linking in resources like Github repositories.

Best Practice Recipes

The primary objective is a library of ‘recipes’, best practices often in the form of a case study, that acts as a template for others to follow to repeat that same solution for their own needs.

These are directed towards common and important needs like Covid-19 Innovations, achieved through featuring insights from other learning such as the key role of Digital Identity, where those capabilities could underpin innovations like Vaccination Passports.

A best practice can be as short as a single article, like the Florida Dept of Health case study, or a complete e-learning course, where the subject matter is larger and more complex, like the course for Open Referral an open standards program.

Open Sourced E-Learning

This goal is supported by specific tools, notably an overall E-Learning system as the best practice knowledge base, and also editor functions to help link other related resources most notably a Github repository. Repos can be linked to and highlighted as part of the supporting Learning Materials for a course:

This means both the content of your course and the materials and resources required to implement it, are accessible under a free-to-reproduce licence, and via tools that directly manage an open source feedback improvement loop.