One to One Tutoring

Some courses, notably the commercial paid-for courses, come with an additional option of “1:1 Tutoring”.

As the term suggests, this opens a private chat channel between the Learner and the Group Leaders of a particular course – Those who author, own and support that material. It’s a key way of achieving the Coaching goal of our Expert Members program.

Tutoring Channel

The Tutoring Channel provides a fast and simple chat interface to those subject matter experts, so that a key component of the value of the course is this additional tutoring, packaged along with direct access to the e-learning courses.

For Tutors they can assign additional Group Leaders, other Experts who can help co-edit the e-learning courseware, as well as reply to 1:1 Tutoring Requests. So this helps them scale and deliver a great learning experience.

Courses that include this additional service are described as such in their course title: