Expert Dashboard

The Expert Dashboard is the interface to our E-Learning tools, used to create Courses, Lessons, Topics, Quizes and Assessments. It’s the primary method for contributing to our Knowledge Base.

As an Expert, you can create your own e-learning content, and you can also be invited to co-edit other existing courses, adding you to that team as a Group Leader so that you can also provide 1:1 Tutoring, as well as edit the material.

You access the dashboard via your profile dropdown menu >>

This takes you to the dashboard screen, where you can create and edit courseware, and provides an overview of your account, the latest student reports and earnings if you commercially sell your courses. You can provide them free too and ignore this part.

Courses are made up of Lessons, which in turn are made up of Topics, the core learning article. Lessons and Courses then provide a way of structuring the Topics into a pathway to follow in the correct sequence, with the correct stopping points for reflection and quizes.

You’ll see a corresponding menu option for each type, with additional functions including:

  • Assignments – Where students have handed in the responses to quizes for your assessment and grading.
  • Certificates – Where you can create the document awarded for course completion.
  • Course Reports – Performance stats for each of your courses.