Identity-Enabled Digital Service Design

Identity Assurance innovations provide the building blocks for designing new digital services.

Better linkage of personal data across different government departmental systems does better inform appropriate law enforcement, such as Camden highlighting the value of a ‘UPRN’. They match property and personal data to illuminate problem situations like tenancy fraud, and also for very positive reasons, such as better helping child protection units be aware of changing movements at fragile households.

Identity Innovations at the Heart of Digital Government

Camden highlights the keystone role identity plays in enabling digital government services, with this being the central kernel common to all agencies:

“It uses sophisticated probabilistic matching techniques to link records from different business system together to produce a single ‘golden view’ of the citizen and the household.”

This ‘golden view’, a single virtual record uniting all related and required systems, is a common core design goal, and increasingly we’ll see this through fusion with ‘personal clouds’ as a method of data storage.

For example Lewisham opted for OneVu as an off the shelf solution.

Use Cases

This enabling role of new digital service innovations is effectively highlighted in the UK Government’s HM Land Registry digital business plan, in which they describe a future intention of:

Use Case: Digital Mortgages

“We will continue to enhance and expand our existing e-enabled services, such as our innovative Digital Mortgage service that uses secure identity assurance techniques to enable a customer to sign their mortgage deed digitally. Across all stages of digital service development, the needs of the user and a drive for speed and simplicity will be at the heart of our design.

  • we will launch a Developer service to provide a digital online lodgement and approval of estate plans and template leases and transfers.
  • we will launch a Digital Transfer service to create, sign and register a transfer of a registered title.”

HM Land Registry digital business plan