Modern technology gives us many things.


GovTech refers to the product category defined in this Public report: State of the UK GovTech Market (36 page PDF), and will be developed through major technology focus areas like the Blockchain.

There are a number of relevant venture competition opportunities, such as the UK’s GovTech catalyst and the CivTech Challenge in Scotland.

The field offers a myriad of entrepreneurial opportunity; it is also described as ‘emerging citizen tech‘ with sub-domains such as Blockchain, AI and Robotic Process Automation, Social, Collaborative and Augmented Reality technologies, and countless SaaS niches are possible such as Drivers Licence Apps, Citizen Feedback, and Public Consultation, among many other app scenarios.

GovTech Accelerators

In addition to general Digital Government best practices our GovTech category highlights particular opportunities for aspiring GovTech entrepreneurs.