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How open data revolutionised London transport


Research released by Deloitte in October this year showed that the release of open data by Transport for London (TfL) is generating annual economic benefits and savings of up to £130m a year For almost ten years, TfL has been releasing a significant amount of open data, from air quality information to wifi access points, allowing developers and partners to bring new products and services to market more quickly.

TfL has worked with a wide range of professional and amateur developers, ranging from start-ups to global innovators, to deliver new products in the form that customers want.

This has led to more than 600 apps now being powered specifically using TfL’s open data feeds, used by 42 per cent of Londoners. Rikesh Shah, Head of Commercial Innovation at TfL, will talk about their open data journey, how open data has created an eco-system of innovators. Rikesh will also highlight the successful factors and outcomes around start-up engagement with corporates and some of the challenges around procurement.

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