Digital City Roadmap

Over five years ago New York City pioneered the concept of the Digital City, publishing a tech roadmap laying out their plan for realizing their vision to be the world’s leading ‘platform’ city.

Their program blends together foundations of Open Government, Citizen engagement, universal Internet access and an industry stimulation focus to communicate an exciting vision of Policy Leadership that will encourage and enable a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The People’s Roadmap – Wiki Government

More recently they have launched, the ‘People’s Roadmap’, intended to be a digital roadmap developed through a Wikipedia-like process.

This is pushing the boundaries into full Digital Democracy – A vision described by Open Government pioneer Beth Noveck as ‘Wiki Government’.

Move to Citizenville – Join the Discuto!

Beth also explored the concept for the city, reviewing the book CitizenvilleHow to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government.

This is a powerful vision for realizing a technology-enabled digital democracy, driven by the catalyst of Smart City innovations.

The Cloud is of course a key enabler, most importantly by repeating these same best practices but making them easily accessible to every one, including the non-technical.

A perfect example of this is, an enhanced document collaboration platform that is perfect for Wiki Government methods, as they describe in this case study of the City of Vienna, who used it to implement an Open Policymaking approach to developing their Smart City governance.

It is something similar to a Google Docs collaboration, but with a much more fine-grained approach to, literally the ‘democracy’ of the process – With collaborators voting on specific sub-sections of text, via a community decision making formula that drives the ‘Consensus Meter‘.

It’s a generalized approach applicable to any type of Idea to Policy process, which is basically any main form of innovation cycle, from business plans through research standards proposals, ultimately to civic polices.

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