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Digitally Transforming Healthcare through AI ‘Virtual Workers’

As the feature video describes East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust is pioneering Digital Transformation through the adoption of Thoughtonomy’s ‘Virtual Workers‘. As the BBC reports the hospital receives 2,000 GP referrals creating a massive manual workload for front line staff, and already the software has helped free up more than 500 hours […]

Transforming Government through AI and Data Science

Beth Noveck: Demand a more open source Government

In the feature video Beth Noveck describes how she pioneered Open Government practices at the White House, to transform the 19th century centralized bureaucracies of Government to 21st century networked ‘crowds’. This defines how the public sector can implement and build communities that harness the power of ‘Collective Intelligence‘. MIT published a paper ‘Harnessing Crowds: […]

Canadian Digital Services – Open Source Playbook

Dundee’s Vision for a Digital Scotland

The Digital Government Roadmap will offer a digital transformation planning guide for the Scottish public sector, based on aggregating together leadership case studies from across Scotland. This will be achieved by analyzing the individual digital roadmaps published by Scottish public sector bodies. These are available online, such as Midlothian, West Lothian, Bute, and East Ayrshire, […]

Canadian Digital Services – Open Source Playbook

Digital Service Design best practices – From User Stories through Digital Storytelling

An essential aspect of Agile Development is that it is linked to a robust Service Design methodology, to provide a control system that ensures the software being built meets user needs. For example the Dept of Transport shares an ongoing blog series on their practices. User Stories The building block of this activity are ‘User […]

Canadian Digital Services – Open Source Playbook