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Canadian Digital Services – Open Source Playbook


Digital Transformation Playbook

The GC Digital Team offer their Playbook online via a Google presentation.

The accompanying feature presentation is from Dave Rogers, to provide some inspiring context for how best to utilize the guide.

Dave is a member of the faculty at Columbia Business School, is a globally-recognized leader on digital business strategy, known for his pioneering model of customer networks and his work on digital transformation. He is author of four books, including “The Network Is Your Customer,” and his new book, “The Digital Transformation Playbook: Rethink Your Business for the Digital Age” (April 2016).

Canadian Digital Service – Open sourcing best practices

The GC Digital team are also pioneering the use of open source practices and technologies to make these resources more accessible and reusable. The Playbook is also published as a Github repo.

This is one of a number of programs within an overall Github presence for the Canadian Government; other key resources include the Open Data Toolkit and the Web Experience Toolkit.

The Cloud Best Practices Network is a global practitioner community for Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing.


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