Modern technology gives us many things.

Blockchain Digital Government

As CoinTelegraph reports the Riyadh Municipality has partnered with IBM to begin implementation of what we’re defining as ‘Blockchain Digital Government‘.

This will be an ongoing article series that will explore the topic in detail, covering points such as:

  • The general role for Blockchain as a core technology across the public sector whole. Notably as per the description with a particular focus on what and how this will enable better Digital Government services.
  • Specific use case scenarios – For example Reducing Property Fraud as part of Transforming Land Registries.
  • Legislation – How are nations and local governments adapting to and enabling this digital economy platform foundation. For example Illinois.

Blockchain Data Exchanges

An essential point to highlight and seek design solutions for is the broader role of these evolving technologies to meet the related challenges.

For example the Blockchain is predominately a technology for validating transactions, not necessarily for facilitating higher levels of transaction exchanges, such as personal data for example.

In his Linkedin blog Blair Kjenner defines a simple overview of such a system based around a central role of a ‘Blockchain Broker’, and the implementation of a single ‘Primary Key’ to facilitate unique identifiers across multiple different systems.

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