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British Columbia best practices: Self-Sovereign ID – Building Digital Trust into the Web

In this earlier blog I introduce and suggest a new technology trend of ‘Self-Sovereign Identity’ is a very powerful development, and that there’s likely an important connection with a nations ambition to achieve self-sovereignty, as you might imagine.

An especially helpful primer to this technology is offered through this webinar, which describes it from a practical, day to day value point of view, in terms of how it might be adopted by governments for functions like online drivers licence services.

John Jordon, Province of British Columbia, describing their work around Digital Identity, collaborating with the Federal and Ontario governments too. He lays out how they have been and still are today globally pioneering the role identity plays in facilitating Digital Government services.

My favourite part is the introduction, where John describes how the part of Canada he comes from is where the beavers and cows are. That’s just peak Canadian.

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