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AWS Digital Government – Blueprint for a Digital Nation

AWS for Government The tier one Cloud providers like AWS have tailored their services for the public sector, enabling governments to also adopt these same innovation capabilities and accelerated rates of deployment. For example data security is usually the first concern raised and AWS has taken a number of steps to address this requirement, aligning […]

Building Smart Cities with AWS Kinesis

The Cloud accelerates exciting new innovations, making it easier for entrepreneurs to develop, build and launch new products much faster in hot sectors like the IoT (Internet of Things) and how it can be applied to scenarios like Smart Cities, as Amazon describe in their solution set and blog series. For Scotland the field offers […]

MirrorWeb Uses AWS to Archive Government Websites and Social Media

MirrorWeb, built purely on the cloud, provides the digital history of the UK Government by archiving all government websites and social media feeds. Founder and CTO Philip Clegg runs the entire architecture on AWS, in part because of the need to store terabytes of data without worrying about security or storage availability. Web Archiving Archives […]

Government of Ontario Uses AWS to Empower Small Teams to Deliver 21st Century Government

By using AWS, the Government of Ontario is able to make government information and services accessible to everyone. The Government of Ontario, Canada’s largest province with about 14 million people, looks after everything from healthcare and education to transportation and the environment. With the mandate to provide citizens with services clearly, quickly, and reliably, the […]

G-Suite for Inclusive Digital Government

Google’s email and collaboration tools ‘G-Suite‘ is one of the Cloud options that Scotland’s public sector can adopt to greatly boost their productivity. Across the world other agencies are doing the same, such as Boston migrating 76,000 users, employees, police, teachers and students, from a mixed collection of on premise email servers to their online […]